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Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

Since April 2006, it is no longer possible to pay AVCs to the Fund. However, some members have AVC pots, which they built up before the option of paying AVCs was closed. The information below is only relevant to those members who have an AVC pot in the Fund.

There is a range of investment fund choices available to members with AVCs. These fall into two categories – lifestyle and self-select funds. The options you select will very much depend upon how hands-on you want to be in managing your investments.

There is an AVC overview document which explains the investment fund choices and the annual fund charges for each of the funds available for additional voluntary contributions. Also, below is a link to the individual factsheets for each of the open investment options giving information about the investment fund.

L&G Cash Lifestyle
L&G Cash Fund
L&G Over 5 Years Index-Linked Gilt Index Fund
L&G Over 15 Years Gilt Index Fund
L&G UK Equity Index Fund
L&G World (ex UK) Equity Index Fund
L&G AAA-AA-A Corporate Bond All Stocks Index Fund
L&G Global Equity Markets weights (30:70) Index Fund -GBP 75% Currency hedged
L&G Diversified Fund

If you wish to change how your additional voluntary contributions are invested, please log on to your L&G account at