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In this section

Welcome to the area of the website for representatives of members

This section is for relatives or dependants of a former member (or an individual who may be financially reliant on a former member) who has passed away. You may like to know more about the benefits that could be payable and what you should do next.

If, after reading the information on this page, you have a question, please contact ICI Pensions Services.

Third parties

If a member would like someone else to look after their pension for them, they can give a family member or representative the power to deal with all correspondence on their behalf.

If a member would like you to represent them, please contact ICI Pensions Services.

Power of Attorney

A representative who has been given an appropriate ‘Power of Attorney’ can deal with all matters about a member’s ICI pension, on behalf of the member.

If you have been given a formal, legal Power of Attorney for a member, please let us know so we can liaise with you about their pension affairs. To confirm your Power of Attorney status you should send either the full original Power of Attorney document, or a photocopy that has been certified by a professional person (who is not a relative) who can confirm the document is a true copy of the original, to ICI Pensions Services. The person must write on the copy ‘I certify this to be a true copy of the original document’, then sign and date it, stating their professional status.

Keeping us up to date

Please tell us if:

Please let us know promptly if a Fund member who you represent has passed away, as it helps us pay the right benefits to the right people, at the right time and avoids the Fund having to reclaim any pension payments made after a members death.