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Financial information

The following documents are available to give you some financial information about the Fund.

Report of the Trustee and Financial Statements

Each year the Trustee produces a report of the Fund’s financial position. It includes details of:

  • the money that has come in and gone out of the Fund;
  • membership statistics;
  • information about investments held by the Fund;
  • an update from the Fund actuary;
  • the auditor’s report;
  • a five-year statistical summary; and
  • the Trustee and its key advisers.

Read the latest Report of the Trustee and Financial Statements

Summary Funding Statement

The Trustee issues an update to all members on the financial position of the Fund every year. It includes details of:

  • how the funding position has changed;
  • the importance of AkzoNobel’s and ICI’s support to the Fund (called the ‘employer covenant’); and
  • what would happen if the Fund were to wind up.

Every third year the Summary Funding Statement will include details of the formal Actuarial valuation report that is carried out on the Fund. If you would like a copy of the last full Actuarial valuation report, please contact ICI Pensions Services.

Read the latest Summary Funding Statement

Actuarial valuation report

Actuarial valuation – as at 31 March 2017
Actuarial valuation – as at 31 March 2014
Actuarial valuation – as at 31 March 2011